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41 M. Gambino, L. Malavarosa, V. Placenti (2003), Fishery regulation, perceptions and compliance: the fishermen responses. XV Conferenza EAFE, Brest.
42 L. Malvarosa (2002), Fish trade of North African Mediterranean countries. Intra-regional trade and import-export with EU. XIV Conferenza EAFE, Faro, Portogallo.
43 P. Accadia, V. Placenti, M. Spagnolo (2002). Forecasting Models for Economic Analysis of Italian Fishery. XIV Conferenza EAFE, Faro, Portogallo.
44 G. Coppola, M. Gambino, V. Placenti, M. Spagnolo (2002), The relationship between fleet capacity, landings and the component parts of fishing efforts: the Italian case study. XIV Conferenza EAFE, Faro, Portogallo.
45 E.C. Sabatella (2002), Analysis of the deep-sea shrimp fishery in the mediterranean (including North Africa): effort and economics. XIV conferenza EAFE, Faro, Portogallo.
46 A. De Santis, C. Manzi, E.C. Sabatella (2002), An harmonized statistical information system for the Italian fishery management. XIV conferenza EAFE, Faro, Portogallo.
47 C. Piccinetti, E.C. Sabatella (2002), Example of capacity assessment of a Mediterranean fishery and relevant bio-economic indicators, FAO-AdriaMed Seminar on Fishing Capacity, Fano.
48 R.F. Sabatella (2002), AdriaMed survey of existing socio-economic data - in Italy. In Source and Accessibility of Socio-Economic data in AdriaMed member countries – Ancona.
49 R.F. Sabatella (2001), IREPA implementation of a monitoring system for techno-economic data - in The Italian fishery and evaluation of economic parameters in Socio-economic Aspects of Adriatic Sea Fisheries.
50 E.C. Sabatella (2001), The IREPA Monitoring Programme for Data Collection. XIII conferenza EAFE, Salerno.
51 L. Malvarosa (2001), Regional Economic Observatory of Fisheries in Campania. XIII conferenza EAFE, Salerno.
52 R.F. Sabatella (2000), Regional socio-economic studies on employment and the level of dependency on fishing: the Italian case. Proceedings of the XIIth Eafe conference, Esbjerg, Denmark.
53 E.C. Sabatella (2000), Capacity Estimation: A Dynamic Approach - Depreciation On Capacity. Proceedings of the XIIth Eafe conference, Esbjerg, Denmark.
54 A. Lem, E. Ruckes, M. Spagnolo (2000),. Growth and Competition in the Italian Sea Food Chain, Proceedings of the 2000 IIFET Conference, Convallis, Oregon, USA.
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58 G. Coppola (1995), Production function for fisheries. An analitical approach. V° EAFE Bioeconomic modelling Workshop, Edimburgh.
59 G. Coppola (1995), Production function for fisheries. VII EAFE meeting, Portsmouth.
60 G. Coppola (1994), Dynamic specification of Fox catch effort Model. VI EAFE meeting, Creta.
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