Salerno, kick-off meeting of the SOCIOEC project, Socio economic effects of Management Measures of the future CFP Print
Tuesday, 06 March 2012 15:22

Will be held in Salerno, 12th to 15th, March 2012, at the Grand Hotel, the kick-off meeting of the SOCIOEC project, funded under the Seventh Framework Program.

SOCIOEC is an interdisciplinary project, duration 3 years, which brings together scientists from various fields of study of the fishery along with industrial partners (mainly SMEs) and other key stakeholders in the sector in order to work in an integrated way on solutions for the future management of fisheries, which can be implemented at regional level.

The main objective of the project is to provide a tool for developing management measures that are consistent with broader sustainability goals set by the EU (new CFP) and which can provide a consensus among all stakeholders. The project will examine the effects of management measures that emerge from this process, particularly in terms of social and economic impacts. The Impact Assessment analysis (leaded by IREPA) will be complemented by the assessment of the proposed new policy options against the general criteria of effectiveness, efficiency and consistency. Attention will also be focused on assessing the ability of the management measured in achieving environmental objectives, both general (EU) and specific (targets at regional and / or local).

The project, coordinated by the Institute of Sea Fisheries (vTI) of Hamburg, is participated by the most renowned European research institutions. Among these the UCPH and DTU Aqua (Denmark), the LEI (Netherlands), the HCMR (Greece), IFREMER (France), the IoES (Iceland), CEMARE (Great Britain), the AZTI (Spain) and the JRC (EU). Beside being partner, IREPA (Italy) is also member of the Steering Committee, being the leader of one of the crucial phases of the project (IA analysis).